Boats' Interior:
  • Change fabrics
  • Carpets
  • Seats
  • Various Services
Boats' Exterior
  • Sun Tents
  • Parking Tents
  • Cabin Tents
  • Sea Protectors
  • Other Various Services

Boat Tents

We undertake any kind of tent work on boat: Sun Tents, Room - Tents, Sea Tents, Parking Covers, Docking Tents, Engine Covers and more.

Inox Work

We can manage any kind of work related to Inox constructions for your boat: Roll Bars, Steering Wheel work, Telescopic constructions for Sun Tents, Sea Tents, etc.

Change fabrics

We undertake tapestry replacement or modifications: Afrolex & leather cover replacements, afrolex protective coatings, seats and pillows work and any kind of related work.


Here at Skafotehniki, we can replace or install new moquette on your boat. Designing and placement is customized according to your boat's exact specifications. We can also print any kind of logo or design on your moquette.

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